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The most important asset your family has is YOU!
Purchasing Life Insurance in Augusta and Evans is the easiest way to make sure your loved ones do not bear the burden of having to pay off any debts that you had while you were living, and to replace any income that is lost because of your passing. Life Insurance can also be used as a savings vehicle for your retirement and to pay for your children’s education, if you happen to pass on earlier than expected.

There are two major types of Life Insurance; Term and Permanent:

Term Insurance: Term Life Insurance in Augusta and Evans allows for a specific death benefit coverage for a specific time period. That time period can be 10, 20, or even 30 years. Premiums will stay level for the time period that is set. Once that time period has expired the policy premiums will renew, but then they will be based on the person’s new age. Term Insurance is usually purchased as debt protection or for those who are young, just starting out and don’t have assets to protect but still want coverage. Term insurance is great, but it does not last a lifetime, therefore at some point the premium for your coverage could become unaffordable.

Permanent Life Insurance: Permanent Life Insurance in Augusta and Evans allows for a death benefit coverage to be carried until age 90. A Permanent Life Insurance policy also allows for a sub account that earns a rate of interest that accrues over time. You can use this accrued money to borrow money out of the account, if the need arises, or to pay the Life Insurance policy at a later date. A permanent policy can also be called a Universal Life, Whole Life, or Burial Policy. These polices can be more expensive in premium, but you will carry the policy for longer without having to prove insurability.

Most people need a blend of both Term and Permanent Life Insurance.

There are two ways to purchase Life Insurance, through a group policy at your job or independently on your own through an insurance provider.

If you only purchase Group Life Insurance, when you leave that group, the policy may not be able to go with you. Therefore, it is a good idea to have multiple sources of Life Insurance to make sure you can get as much as you need to protect your family.

Felder Enterprises can help protect you and your loved ones and give you peace of mind that you are not leaving them in distress. They can live a happy and healthy life without worry. Your children can go to college, your wife can pay off the home and cars, and you can even have enough to help with your grandkids.

Life Insurance is personal, make sure that you get a policy that is personalized for you and your family. Your family will be so thankful you did this for them. They will love you forever!


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